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Fund Transfers

Top Up Your Weever Account

Accepted Fiat Currency

• US Dollar (USD)
• Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) 
• Renminbi (RMB)

Please note that all client funds in HKD and RMB will be converted to USD. The market exchange rate upon the receipt of your fund will be applied. Client’s account balance in Weever account is only displayed in USD. A confirmation email will be sent to client’s registered email address upon successful fund deposit. Please click here for exchange rate information.

Accepted Banks in Hong Kong

• Bank of China (Hong Kong) (BOCHK) 
• Bank of Communications 
• Bank of East Asia (BEA) 
• DBS Bank 
• Hang Seng Bank 
• Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) 
• Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) (ICBC (Asia)) 
• Nanyang Commercial Bank (NCB) 
• OCBC Wing Hang Bank
• Standard Chartered Bank

Please note that clients are required to register a designated bank account from the abovementioned banks when clients open Weever account. Deposit and withdrawal MUST be made through the registered bank account. No third-party transfers are accepted.

Accepted Top-up Channels

• Faster Payment System (FPS)
• Fund Transfer via JETCO ATMs 
• Cheque Deposit via Cheque Machines (For HKD cheque only) 
• Internet Banking Transfer 
• Mobile Banking Transfer 
• Bank Counter Transfer 
• Telegraphic Transfers or CHATS 

Please note that: 
1. NO cash deposit by any means is accepted by Weever. 

2. NO cheque deposit by counter or in person in our office is accepted by Weever. 

3. The remittance receipt or equivalent evidence which clearly shows the client’s bank account number, transaction amount and transaction date is required when the client submits the deposit request via Weever App. If client’s bank account number is not fully displayed, (i) bank code (i.e. first 3 digits) and (ii) at least half of the bank account number should be identified for verification purpose.

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4. Clients are required to top up the Weever account ONLY through the abovementioned channels. Third-party transfers are not accepted. Weever reserves the right to reject the client’s deposit if it is not made through the accepted channels.

5. Weever will NOT credit any suspicious deposit, unverified deposit or deposit through unaccepted channels to the client’s Weever account, until the provision of sufficient evidence to prove the identity of the depositor by the client and special approval is granted by the Credit and Risk Management Committee of Weever. 

6. Weever shall not be liable to client for any interests, charges, expenses, claims, losses, costs and damages arising from rejected fund deposits on a timely basis.

Withdraw from Your Weever Account

Clients are required to initiate the withdrawal request via Weever App. SMS verification and Fund Password are required before the withdrawal request can be submitted. 

Fiat Withdrawal can ONLY be made to the client’s designated bank account which has been verified with Weever. If the client would like to change the bank account information, a Change of Personal Particulars form is required to be completed and emailed from the client’s registered email address to, together with a copy of the bank card or the bank statement within last 3 months, showing FULL name, FULL bank account number and issuance date of the statement or expiry date of the bank card. 

In most cases, withdrawal requests received before 12:00 noon on a working day will be processed on the same day; withdrawal requests received after 12:00 noon will be processed on the next working day. Your Weever account balance will be updated once we approve the request and process the payment. Please note that the timing for the receipt of fund in your bank account depends on the designated bank's processing time. 

Withdrawal fund will be converted to the currency of your designated bank account at the market exchange rate upon your submission of withdrawal instruction.